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You can't execute strategy without managing change.
But you can manage change without executing strategy.

Dr Andrew MacLennan

Strategy execution is hugely important to organisations – especially large and complex ones. It’s a core source of sustainable competitive advantage.

However, strategy implementation failure is common. The Strategy Execution Capability Survey run by Dr Andrew MacLennan at London Business School reveals that around 60 percent of strategy execution efforts fail to achieve all their goals.

Estimated percentage of strategies, upon attempted execution achieving:

ALL objectives
SOME objectives
NO objectives

Source: The Strategy Execution Capability Survey conducted by Dr Andrew MacLennan at London Business School

Strategy execution is fundamentally about translating strategies into critical activities and high performance. It is the glue between conceptual goals and concrete actions.

Crucially, it is distinct from change management – although an equally important challenge, managing change can destroy value if it is misaligned with strategic intent. Many organisations have both sound strategies and efficient operations, but suffer from a disconnection between the two. Effective strategy implementation closes that gap.

Our deep expertise in strategy execution helps our clients to focus on delivering the right change.

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