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Strategy implementation is a matter of huge importance to all organisations – especially large and complex ones. In a recent survey barely 40% of executives surveyed rated their organisations as being successful at strategy execution. Despite the importance of execution, there are very few sources of support for managers tackling this challenge. Very little expertise has developed around this cross-disciplinary subject, and consultancies and business schools typically have little to offer practitioners.

Strategy execution is fundamentally about translating strategies – i.e. conceptual ideas – into the concrete actions that together can realise these strategies and in turn, achieve key organisational objectives. Strategy execution is often confused with two related areas: strategic change, which primarily relates to changes in the content of strategy; and change management, which relates to reshaping organisational activities, but is not necessarily strategy-related. Many organisations have both sound strategies and efficient operations, but often there is no clear relationship between the two. Strategy implementation is essentially about closing that commonly found gap.

We have deep expertise in strategy execution and assist our clients in understanding how they interrelate and can be harnessed to implement strategy successfully. We also help clients to make informed decisions about using management tools to help implement strategy. Please follow the links above or use the main menu to learn more about our work in these areas.

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